Q. Can I part exchange my old drive?

A.  Sorry we only sell new products we don’t have any use for old units

Q. Is it easy to install?

A.  With set of basic hand tools, you should be able to swap it in a couple of hours.

Q. How do I break in my new drive?

A.  It is the same if you change just the upper, lower or both. For the first 5 hours do not run a constant RPM. Vary the RPM’s every 5 minutes or so. Do not exceed 75% throttle for the first 5 hours. Shift into forward and reverse a minimum of 10 times in the first 5 hours. For hours 5-10 you should do short runs at full throttle. After 10 hours normal operation can resume. Change the drive lube between 10 and 20 hours. It is advisable to keep the drive trimmed down if you can when not in use, especially if your boat is moored permanently.

Q. Can you interchange SEI parts with other suppliers?

A.  There are several companies that manufacture parts for this style of drive. All parts are interchangeable no problems. We do not recommend mixing the gear sets between manufacturers.

Q. What is the recommended maintenance schedule?

A.  You should change the gear lube every 100 hours or every year after the initial gear lube change at 10hrs . Also check to see if there is any water in your drive. You should also replace the impeller once a year.

Q. What to check when removing the drive.

A.  When the drive is removed from the bell housing for a full service, several items should be checked.

1. Firstly make sure the drive is visually okay, if you see oil then a further inspection is required

2. Check the upper drive yoke and UJ on the drive to check for any corrosion, if the shaft is rusty then you probably have a damaged bellows. This will need to be replaced.

4. Check inside the larger (drive) bellows for any contamination of oil or water. If water is found then the bellows has probably failed and needs replacing. If you find oil in the bellows then you probably have a upper yoke shaft seal failure. In the case of a Gen One this will show when you drain the oil from the drive. In the case of the Gen Two any oil gear oil leak will be apparent by the gear oil reservoir becoming low or empty. If this happens the engine management should indicate this with  warning beeps, in both cases replace the upper drive yoke seal. Check why the seal has failed. If the drive yoke shows any corrosion or heavy wear on the seal face then the shaft should be replaced.

5. Drain the drive and check for any water present in the drive lube, if so you need to check where the water is getting in to the drive.   A pressure test should indicate any seal failures.

6.  Make sure all the gasket faces are clean before installing the drive.

7. Check the gimbal bearing is not rusty and running smooth, if you put your hand in and turn the bearing there must be no lumpy or frictional feel. The bearing must run absolutely smooth.

Q. What can I do to protect my new drive?

There are a few things. The obvious one is to avoid hitting any rocks. You could also look for an aftermarket drive shower. It will spray water onto the top cover of your drive and help to keep it cool. And remember, gear lube is cheap compared to a replacement drive, so change it more often if you can. There are also aftermarket gear lube reservoirs available for boats that do not have them from the factory. They are a little more involved to install, but it will protect your new drive if you have a seal failure.

Q. How do I determine what gear ratio I need to order?

A.  Give us a call with the year and engine size of your boat and our sales staff will assist you.

Q. If I buy a complete sterndrive how will it arrive?

A.  We ship the units in two halves only. A complete unit is too heavy to ship without shipping damage. You will receive two parts to join. You will require all the fixings from your old drive unless you purchase a new install kit.

Q. Will your SE106 replace my older Gen One model drive?

A.  Yes, although if you have an inline engine, you will need to check the length of the input yoke.

We are availably 7 days a week for any assistance you may require. call tech help. 0755 710 5997