Sterndrive Engineering -UK ( SEUK) and Riviera Boats are distributors of products from (SEI) based in the USA.

We can supply, repair, service any Mercruiser drives and gearboxes here in the UK, we also fulfill any warranty issues that may arise regarding any SEI product.

All our new drives and gearboxes supplied by us or from SEI are covered by the a 3 year warranty, this is probably the best warranty around.

Sterndrive Engineering (SEI) is the largest supplier of aftermarket sterndrives and our own line of outboards in the world. The company makes replacement sterndrives for MerCruiser’s® Alpha One® and Gen II stern drives and replacement outboard lower units for Mercury®, Johnson/Evinrude® and Yamaha®. Sterndrive Engineering’s Outdrives are not remanufactured, they are entirely new. The SEI drives are made of parts that are completely compatible and interchangeable with the OEM. The drives are assembled at SEI’s factory in Oldsmar, Florida.

Our drives come standard with a three year, fault-free warranty. This means that the unit is covered for any failure that requires the drive to be repaired or replaced due to a parts failure that is not caused directly or indirectly by the user.  We believe this warranty is one of the best warranties ever offered for a sterndrive or a outboard lower unit. Peace of mind while on the water is important, and SEI goes the extra distance to make sure that our products perform.

We have carried out extensive testing on all of the parts of the drives including the gears, shafts, bearings, and other wear parts to confirm performance and durability.

We operate one of the only research lakes in the world dedicated to the testing of marine propulsion systems. The research centre has a 40-acre lake with a stationary dock that allows for around-the-clock endurance testing of parts, such as gears, shafts, and bearings.

We offer the best prices by far for replacement drives compatible with MerCruiser’s® Alpha One®, Gen II, Mercury®, Johnson/Evinrude® and Yamaha®. Often the company is asked ‘How do we do it?’. SEI buys its parts directly from manufacturers and passes the savings on to the customer. The marine industry is notorious for multiple layers of distribution which adds cost to the end user. By avoiding the middleman, we are able to offer a quality drives at a fraction of the price offered by other manufacturers.

SEI also offers a complete line of hydraulic parts compatible with MerCruiser® Sterndrives. The products offered include hydraulic pumps, trim cylinders, hoses, fittings, and other accessories.

Our mission is to make owning, operating, and maintaining a sterndrive or outboard lower unit more affordable.

Our returns policy is simple, if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work send it back, no quibbles.

We in the UK are dedicated to uphold the great reputation of SEI that has been built up over many years of successful trading.